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Terms and Conditions

Berry’s Service Agreement Cover

Typically the same day or next day assistance, Monday to Friday for An emergency involving your gas boiler and/or central heating system following complete failure to provide heating and/or hot water to your home. Charges for labour, materials and parts for an unlimited number of incidents per membership period. We will service your boiler once during the period

General exclusions which apply to all cover levels

  • Any non-functional decorative parts, trim or casing.
  • Adjustments to the controls, including relighting the pilot light/flame where you have not known how to operate the system.
  • Descaling or desludging or completion of repairs if sludge/scale is identified but not rectified by the customer.
  • Any work arising from damage caused by hard water scale, rust or sludge deposit or from damage caused by corrosive water, water with a high chemical content or any water pressure adjustments on sealed installations. • Refilling the heating system with additives such as corrosion inhibitor.
  • Repair or replacement of;
    – Flues which are not part of your boiler;
    – Parts that are specifically designed for piped or electric underfloor heating;
    – Shower fittings and taps; or
    – Cold water storage tanks or unvented or primatic hot water cylinders.
    – Pipework or part of system that have been damaged either by accident or intent
    – Design faults on the system

Initial Inspection – first year of cover

We will carry out an inspection of your boiler and central heating system within 42 days of you taking out cover, or if you change your address, to make sure we are able to support it and that it is in good working order. The appointment for the initial inspection will normally be booked at the time of purchase, but is subject to the availability of our engineers. We will provide you with full details of the work completed as well as any important information relating to your specific make/model.

If we identify a problem at the initial inspection, remedial work will need to be carried out to bring your boiler and/or central heating system up to a standard we can support. Any remedial work will be at your cost. We will provide you with an itemised quotation for any remedial work. If you do not want to carry out the remedial work we reserve the right to cancel your policy and will provide you with a refund of your premium, less the cost of the initial inspection.

If you do agree to the remedial work being carried out by Berry’s we will arrange a convenient appointment to complete the work.

You may use another supplier to complete the work, but this will be under a separate contract between you and the supplier and does not form part of this agreement. Any remedial work should be completed within 14 days of the initial inspection.

If your system develops a fault prior to the initial inspection we will provide assistance but, if your boiler and/or central heating system requires underlying remedial work to bring it to a standard we can support, this will need to be carried out at your cost and prior to us providing assistance under this policy.

Annual Boiler Service – second year of cover onwards

Annual services will normally be carried out between April – September. You will receive one boiler service per agreement period, which may be carried out at the same time as a repair visit. When your annual boiler service is due we will send you a reminder letter, asking you to contact us to arrange a convenient appointment.
The Annual Service is a safety and efficiency check which will include:

  • Boiler combustion test;
  • Visual inspection of flue route and termination;
  • Checking for water leaks, signs of heat stress and mechanical deterioration;
  • Checking pipe work and ventilation;
  • The disassembly and cleaning of key components where they are found to be not performing to the
    manufacturer’s recommended specification. The Annual Service does not include the following;
  • Removal of sludge or hard-water scale from the main heating system; or
  • Chemical flush.
  • Boiler replacements

Following the annual service our engineer will provide you with paperwork explaining what work has been completed. You will be advised if the repair of any faults identified are not eligible for cover under your service agreement.

In the unlikely event of your boiler being categorised as “Immediately Dangerous”, then our engineer (with your permission) will disconnect the boiler and cap off the supply and label it “Do not use”. If your permission is not granted we are required by law to inform the National Gas Emergency Service call centre

Gaining access to your property

We will send you a reminder letter or contact you to arrange your annual service. If the agreed date is no longer convenient please contact us as soon as possible to rearrange.

Our usual servicing and inspection hours are Monday-Friday 0900-1700. On occasions, at our discretion, we may be able to offer weekend or evening appointments during the summer months as sufficient daylight is required for the inspection.

If you rearrange your inspection or service appointment less than 24 hours prior to your appointment, or you are not at the property at the appointment time, you may be charged an attendance fee.

Our engineers will require clear and unobstructed access to your boiler and central heating system components to complete inspections or services. If this is not provided we may not be able to complete the work and you may be charged an attendance fee. Where access may only be gained by the removal of kitchen cupboards, furniture or other fixtures or fittings we will not be liable for any damage which occurs provided we have taken care in removal or you may be asked to sign a disclaimer regarding the same.

  • “We contracted Berry’s Heating to install a new heating system to our church hall and coffee lounge. The company kept to our specifications and completed an excellent job, in a professional manner, keeping both to time and budget.”

    Rev. Roger Clarke – All Saints Church, Hale Barns
  • “Berry’s Heating where very efficiant and understanding in dealing with my request for the fitting of our hot water heaters. The fact it was actioned so quickly allowed me to reschedule due to a work challenge was very appreciated. Everything was left clean and tidy and the new system is working perfectly.”

    Geoff Millard – St. Pauls’ Peel Parish Community Hall
  • “I have used Berry’s Heating for some years, they are a small firm and do excellent work and are not too expensive. They are very efficient and helpful.”

    Hilary S. – Manchester